0 How to Silence Loud Buzzer of Stacked Dryer and Washer?

If you are reading this then you are probably annoyed with the buzzer noise that comes out of your stacked washer and dryer combo. Unfortunately, your washer and dryer combo doesn’t come with a switch to turn off the annoying noise of buzzer permanently.

To stop the buzzer, you will need to open up the front control panel. Find the buzzer. It should be a small rectangular device with two wires and no associated dial or button. Find the wires attached to it and diconnect them. This should stop the buzzer.

Why can’t I disable my dryer’s buzzer without opening the compartment?

The buzzer signal sounds at the end of the washing cycle and briefly every five minutes to remind you to remove the load. Most of the brands are preset to do this. The brands don’t give you the option to disable it because they think it is the right thing to do. Yeah, you read it right!

Step By Step Guide to Disable The Buzzer

1. Switch OFF and Unplug the dryer

Switch off and unplug the dryer. You are going to deal with electric wiring of the front panel, so to avoid any shocks please unplug the dryer. After unplugging, make sure you wait for at least 30 seconds so that there is no residual charge in the capacitors. Turn the dryer’s knob “ON” just to test that you have completely turned off the dryer.

2. Find the buzzer

You need to find the location of the buzzer. It is usually located behind the front panel of the device but sometimes you might find it behind the dryer’s back panel. Open the front or back panel of your dryer.

After opening the panel next step is to identify the buzzer. It is a small black box attached to the timer device. The buzzer will not be connected to any knob. You may want to refer to the machine’s manual for further detail.

3. Unplug the buzzer

Once you find the buzzer, carefully remove the wires attached to it. Cover the wires with electrical tape so that no live wires are left exposed.

Screw the panel back into its place and test if all the hard work has paid off. I have found a helpful video for fixing a Kenmore dryer. I think this might help.


As you can see it is not that difficult to turn off the buzzer of the dryer. It will hardly take you half an hour to claim your peace back. Let us know in the comments what else you would like us to cover.

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